Aden’s Renkei Chart

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UPDATE: So, we’re back. I’m sorry this was down for as long as it was. Once I get the rest of the site back in working order, my next two projects are the Video Blog concept and updating this chart dramatically. Luckily for you FFXIers, I can only do one of those things from work. >.>;

Special thanks are in order for the following people:

Xatherine, who has coded a very smart Renkei Calculator.
Fast Cart, who actually took the time to test a vast number of Renkei effects for me.
Kurokikaze, Roronoya & Theconquerer, who Fast Cart tapped for much of that help.
Kiyone, who gave me the heads up on high level Bloodpacts.
Tic and Mooky, who provided a great deal of data on the Bloodpacts.
Arturon, for catching a lot of the errors I fixed and then reproduced.
Tilanna, for providing a very similar service.
KT over at Summoner Info for not only running a great little site, but for making my research into Summoner Bloodpacts so much easier.
Hemphogg, for donating some of his very sexy bandwidth for all you download freaks.
Araius of Valefor for the incredible work he did organizing and cross-testing Blue Magic. This chart wouldn’t be as complete as it is without his help. I’d also like to thank the Blue Mage Killing Ifrit community, in particular, for their testing efforts.
Finally, let me thank Mavi at Final Fantasy Vault, Frost at Warcry, James at Killing Ifrit, and the whole crew over at Mystery Tour for helping me promote the chart.


Who I Am: Apparently this is a popular question. For those of you that want to know, I play on the Seraph server along with the rest of the Mystic Knights. My character name there is Esparta. I also play on the Quetzalcoatl server in the linkshell Synergy. My character name there is Ulath. Stop and say hello. I’ll even field simple Renkei questsions (provided I am not in the middle of a fight or otherwise occupied). But if you have a question about printing, or a potential error on the chart, please email me about it from this site instead.

A-B-C Notation: Some questions have been raised about the A-B-C lettering after some Weapon Skills. What these are are a priority check for the game. Allow me to explain. Sometimes, a particulat Weapon Skill “can” skillchain to more than one listing of the same Weapon Skill. A good example is Fast Blade (Earth) having a link to either Red Lotus Blade A (Fire) or Red Lotus Blade B (Wind). The game will always create the link to Red Lotus Blade A (Fire) when forced to choose between these two links. So you will always get a Fire effect. However, had the first attack been Keen Edge (Dark), there is no link to Red Lotus Blade A (Fire), but you can link to Red Lotus Blade B (Wind). Thus, you will create a Wind effect.

Level 3 Renkei: There are still some people unhappy with the new way that I display the L3 Renkeis (in that they no longer show the links from the L1 Renkeis), and if you fall into this category, you’re probably best off using a different Renkei Chart. Until I am able to design in three dimensions, this is the clearest way that I can visualize presenting this information. That being said, I have re-ordered the labeling on the L3 Renkei area to make it easier to read. I will admit that I had trouble reading it at a glance, as well. The L2 Renkei effects are now listed directly on the arrow, as they are everywhere else. I’d also suggest you get used to this setup, since it’s only going to pyramid on top of itself once more Relic information comes out.

Weapon Skill Order
: In each elemental group, the weapon skills are listed alphabetically. In the case of a two handed or “Great” weapon, that weapon is listed by the name of the weapon itself. In other words, Great Axes are under “A”, Great Swords are under “S” and so on. The individual columns in each element group are simply a matter of formatting, and do not have any special significance as far as linking.

Printing Information: I once again have the JPG version up, inside a zip file. The Adobe Acrobat version is, of course, still there. The benefit of this is that Adobe takes care of the sizing and the printing for you, and Acrobat Reader is not only quite free, but is already installed on most computers.

Know Issues: As I said, I am not 100% certain about all of the BLU information here. And so far, I haven’t heard anything new on PUP, so I am going to assume we’ve more or less got that mapped. BLU is really the big item of the moment, and most of the concern is over the priorities. I’m still looking for reliable Relic Weapon information. I know it’s scarce, but it’s very helpful. Even if you are the only person you know with an updated Relic Weapon, there are still plenty of tests I’d like to run, so please let me know.

Legal Mombo Jumbo: Aden’s Renkei Chart may not be altered in any way for distribution, nor may it be sold for commercial gain. Reproduction of the chart is allowed under the conditions that 1) the content of Aden’s Renkei Chart (both graphical and textual) is not altered in any way (even to make corrections), 2) the copyright and website link remain in tact, 3) no money is made from the redistribution of Aden’s Renkei Chart, either in electronic or printed form, even if no profit is earned, and 4) Aden’s Renkei Chart may never be offered as “premium” or pay content on any membership based website. Aden’s Renkei Chart may be reproduced, enlarged, and/or professionally printed for personal use only.