Fuck, What Now?

Everyone is wondering what we’re going to do? I’ll tell you what we’re going to do. We’re going to trust in the fact that Donald J. Trump is a lazy, disinterested asshole more infatuated with being President than with actually Presidenting. We’re going to pitch the rest of his party against him. And we’re going to accept the fact that a portion of our countrymen – certainly not all of his supporters, but some of them – are Nazis. And I don’t mean that hyperbolically. I mean flag waving, goose stepping, swastika wearing, Hitler saluting, I have seen this with my own damn eyes Nazis.
The thing is, he’s going to fail in the end. He promised impossible things and he can’t actually accomplish most of it. He can’t magic up a steel industry or make Mexico pay for an imaginary wall. Like always, his mouth wrote a check his ass cannot cash. The people who do business with him all end up hating him. So will America. We just have to get there in one piece.
A lot of things are going to change soon and, yes, they are going to be for the worse. But they will not be forever. If he does what he has done at every stage of his life, we can mid term him into the oblivion of gridlock in 2018 and put an actual leader in his place in 2020. That’s just four years away. Nine months if you count from the start of the political race.
Humanity has marched, heels dragging in the dirt, for the duration of its existence towards unity over nationalism. Towards openness over bigotry. Towards loving each other over hating each other. Most of you know I’m a terrible cynic, but even so I believe that. Our progress has been charted, albeit often far too slowly, over thousands of years. It is the inexorable march of civilization and it will not be derailed by one sausage fingered hate muppet.
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