Hello, Internet

So, last night – technically this morning, at about 4:30 AM, I finished a rough draft of a chart intended to add a tiny bit of snark to an otherwise embarrassing debate. A comment on how formulaic our political process has become. That the conversation that takes place in our commercials, our campaigns, our debates. . . it has nothing to do with the business of governance or the bettering of our nation. I threw that chart, a slapdash gif file, up onto a few sites I frequent as well as my own, and called it a night.

Then my inbox exploded.

To be honest, I’m a bit blown away. And flattered. And, let’s not mince words here, pleased. This blog has always been a bit of an experiment for me, culling and combining the different subcultures of my life into one living, raging, visceral, flowing document. These were the types of things I was saying, politically, in 2002. Back in a time when I got hate mail on a weekly basis for being either a communist or a terrorist or a fascist – and varying combinations there-of. Now I get far more people telling me that I’m a breath of fresh air, for most common definitions of the word “fresh”. Those of you who dislike my language should feel free to peruse one of the other fifty ho-jillion web sites out there on the internet. I’ll consider less swearing when our leaders start acting less stupid.

I’ll admit to being taken a bit by surprise. Hell, if I’d known I was going viral, I’d have cleaned up the place a bit more! But for my long term readers (you poor, glorious bastards), I promise that nothing around here is going to change. Well, maybe my templates. And probably my update frequency. But certainly not my attitude. For my new readers, you should know that I am not married to every aspect of liberalism. At least not as conventional American politics defines it. And there are times, though admittedly less often than not recently, when I agree with conservatives. What I’m sick to death of is neo-conservativism. And that is what I will attack mercilessly in this space until something even stupider comes along.

And yes, regulars, I’ll still be covering gamer culture. Sony is due to do something incredibly stupid any day now, and I’ll be there!

Now, with that bit of business out of the way, I’m happy to announce that fans of the Sarah Palin Debate Flow Chart can now reference it on the go, over morning coffee, on a cold winter day, or even in the comfort of their own pants! Because I have a new CafePress site up where you can get the flow chart on damn near everything.

I’m also rather psyched to note that the original post that garnered all of this attention over at DailyKos has been Dugg nearly 10,000 times. If you like the chart, or just like my site in general, click on over and show the love!

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52 responses to “Hello, Internet”

  1. KWolf says:

    I just wanted to add my compliments on your algorithm…When a co-worker shared it we laughed until we cried….

  2. Jesperi says:

    On behalf of your regular, long standing readers (though I was away for a bit of time and busy with school, thus the reason for the lateness of this post) we salute you and we are proud you are finally getting the recognition you’ve always deserved.

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