Foaming At The Wallet

Listen, Democratic Party. . . we need to talk. Really. Just sit down for a moment. Just listen.

Have you guys ever noticed that whenever you are up for reelection, it’s the same old rhetoric being used against you? You know the stuff I’m talking about. Democrats are weak. They are spineless. They won’t keep America safe. And even though you guys actually do a pretty good job in terms of managing government agencies, that narrative get gobbled up by the public. It kicks your ass every two to four years. And you can never figure out why.

Here’s why. Currently on the docket in Congress is a $700 billion giveaway to the most irresponsible, greedy, ignorant short sighted buch of assholes to ever dip their fingers into the public purse since the last time we had to bail out the banking industry due to their own excessive cockery. The public hates the bailout. It’s a George W. Bush project, so they already don’t trust it. Members of Congress are receiving thousands of phone calls, letters and emails per day telling them all the same thing. That this bailout is a steaming load of horse shit. It’s actually more unpopular than Bush himself. Hell, it’s more unpopular than freakin’ Dick Cheney.

And you assholes voted for it. Knowing it was an awful plan. Knowing it wasn’t going to fix the core issue. Knowing it was going to reward the very people who got us into this mess. Knowing that the law was unconstitutional. You asked for tiny little changes to the most inconsequential portions of the bill, and then you voted for it. And it was only thanks to grandstanding Republicans that this travesty of a bill got shot down.

And now you’re sitting on Capitol Hill with your knickers in a twist because you think, despite all evidence to the contrary, that you absolutely need to get this legislation passed. You’ve been shown some cock-eyed numbers about one theorhetical economic future and you’ve wet yourselves like the little pansies you are. Never mind the fact that the administration screaming doom from the rooftops is the same one that lied their way into an illegal war using the exact same application of the Shock Doctrine. Lied their way into a gutted Bill of Rights using the same technique. Tried to lie their way into privatizing Social Security (which, if they had succeeded, would have turned this major disaster into an out and out clusterfuck).

So what do you do? Do you tell the President that you control both houses of Congress, and you will not have the terms of this bill dictated to you by the very administrators who failed to predict or prevent this crisis? Do you dare him to veto an actual piece of legislation that would save these institutions from ruin without just handing them free money for fucking up? Do you remind the Republican minority that they are, in fact, a minority, and that their options are to fall in line or be marginalized?

Nope. Apparently, you go crawling back to the petulant GOP minority and offer to include new language for tax breaks and deregulation into the current bill if twelve of them will just pretty please sign it into law. You pussy out. You negotiate a compromise between a Republican President and a Republican Congress because, well. . . shit. I was willing to give you half a pass when the country was in the depths of Terror Panic and disagreeing with the President made you a terrorist. But now? With the entire country rejecting this law? You’ve shown no bloody leadership of any kind. You haven’t even made the half-assed attempt to propose your own plan. Nancy Pelosi can make as snarky a speech as she wants. But unless she backs that speech up with a better plan, it’s just empty partisan bullshit.

But it’s not bad enough that you haven’t shown any initiative on this issue. Instead, your solution to this problem is to add a tax cut to a bill that is going to drain the government of $700,000,000,000.00. The national debt is going to break the ten trillion mark on this bailout, and you want to add a tax cut to the legislation just to sweet-talk a handful of Republicans into passing a law so heinously wrong headed that, if you were doing your fucking jobs, would have been voted down into oblivion in the same breath that it was first proposed.

So the next time you all get painted like spineless little shits in an election year? Maybe it’s because you are.

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13 responses to “Foaming At The Wallet”

  1. Naked Dave says:
    Doesn’t mean I like it, just means the numbers are skewed on how many people are against it.
    I still like the fact that when wall street discovered it wasn’t getting what it wanted it threw a tantrum (a 700 point tantrum) and has now screamed and yelled its way to victory. any chance I could see 1 million of those dollars? That’d last me at least 50 years, without investing any of it.

  2. juslikagrzly says:

    Great flow chart. Please post a tip jar comment in your diary at dKos! We’re screaming to tip you.

  3. Ay Uaxe says:

    Ah, truth! I am so ready for the mobs with torches, pitchforks and buckets of hot tar to reward our wonderful politicians and their bureaucratic henchmen. Too bad DC is mostly Demoncrat, too–the pansy public gets the pansy gummint they deserve. Buy ammo and go to the range. The Bill of Rights says you can.

  4. Oilman in d' Rockies says:

    I am still rolling on the floor .. laughing !!!

  5. Warren says:

    So many people were trying to e-mail the House via their website form, it brought the site down. It’s great that people actually want to express their opinion, but it’s too bad that nobody listened. Here’s one theory I’ve read about why they’re not listening:

    Sept 18: HSBC (Hongkong Shanghai Banking Corp) expresses interest in buying out Morgan-Stanley. Sept 19: Oh, nevermind, the news says they’re not interested anymore. (What probably happened: US gov’t stepped in before HSBC could make a bid.) Sept 20: Panic ensues behind the scenes while the media keeps quiet about the China angle, and by Sept 24: Bailout plan – why $700b? It’s enough to outbid any foreign bank. Wall Street hasn’t just fucked us financially. They’ve put us in a situation where the financial sector could be overrun by foreign companies. That’s why the government is in such a panic.

    Of course, they don’t want us to panic, which is why the media isn’t talking about it. The hope is that if the bailout can increase consumer confidence, we’ll spend-spend-spend during the holidays like good little Americans and the economy will get a boost, hopefully enough to carry us through January when the new administration will inevitably have to raise taxes in spite of all the bullshit campaign promises. Or they won’t raise taxes, and we’ll either keep printing money to drive the value of the dollar into oblivion, or keep borrowing from foreign countries until they can use our debt as leverage to force our hand in politics. Either way, the Bush administration is doing whatever they can to push the mess off onto the shoulders of the next President.

    Maybe we can actually stop the Iraq war from bleeding so much money out of our economy with no return investment; Regulate the financial institutions so they can’t keep misleading consumers and using unethical practices that screw up the market; Put money into education and R&D so we can become the leader in alternative energy and be more competitive in other technical fields; and maybe… just maybe, the US can manage to become its old innovative, productive self again.

  6. alphabitch says:

    A-fucking-MEN to that.

    Don’t want to be called a worthless bunch of spineless fucks? Stop *being* a worthless bunch of spineless fucks.

  7. Laura C says:

    Love the flowchart, love your writing.
    Are you aware of the $25billion given to the big three last week? Didn’t get much coverage because of all the bailout crap.
    Thought you’d be interested.

  8. gary osterman says:

    I just met you, and already, you disappoint me. Did it ever occur to you that they’re not a worthless bunch of spineless fucks, but rather, a valuable part of a well-oiled system, doing the job they’re being well paid for by the same lobbyists, playing good cop-bad cop. So in order to escape from the Republicans, who rape us violently, hit us over the head and take our money, we let ourselves be date-raped by the democrats, who apologize and give us bus fare home.

  9. Mark says:

    Hate to say it, but I think gary osterman is pretty much correct

  10. Aden Nak says:

    Gary, sure, it’s occurred to me. But if that’s the case, then the solution is to take the party over, lock stock and barrel. Surely we, as an educated, civilized people should be able to vote out corrupt politicians and vote in people of conscience.

    It’s the part of the American political process that has always baffled me. Everyone loathes politicians, and no one thinks there’s anything that can be done about it. If that’s so, this isn’t a democracy.

    There’s a line between cynicism and apathy. Unless you think that real actual people CAN take back one of the major parties – cause from the Reforms to the Greens, I think it’s pretty clear that a third party can’t survive the climate or the skewed rules. That being said, you’ve given me an idea for a future post. So I hope you stick around long enough to read it. ;)

  11. Linda J says:

    The infamour bailout bill was bi-partisan. You know what that means so your point is moot. However, the BIG point of contention I have with both sides is the fact that Republican Senators chose to add pork to it ANONYMOUSLY and then got away with it..No thanks to McCain and Obama. And yes, people, it is true that we got scammed with this legislation. NOT one of our esteemed leaders ever told the public that pork would be added because pork is a giveaway that only profits specific areas. Thus, a Puerto Rican firm gets a better (6 Billion dollars better) financial deal at our expense for importing rum even though we will probably not be able to afford a bottle. To make matters worse, you probably will have to cut back on your Nascar excursions even though Nascar should be air dropping free passes throughout the entire country since we just gave them 10 billion. Now, incase you have seen the financial analysts out there explaining that this pork was not a big deal since it was going to be passed in the future, or that it works because it brings tax income, blah, blah blah, think again. The point is that we were sold a bill of goods by both parties. As if that wasn’t bad enough try to comprehend that the person on the Republican ticket running for VP doesn’t know what the job entails, can’t name a major newspaper that they have ever read, believes mankind bears no responsibility for global warming, recently told the nation in a debate that if they wanted to know what it felt like to be in today’s economic crisis that we should go talk to any hockey mom, whose answer to unwanted pregnancies is to not talk about it nor teach birth control, etc. etc. I am not even going to go into her foreign policy experience because she has none. To sum it up, McCain never met Palin before he asked her to run. He knew that a VP was a heart beat away from being President, right? Yet he picks someone he barely knows and never met? And look what he/we got. I think most people would agree that we do more product research before we buy a car.
    Last but not least, do you find it odd that the Pro-environment legislators including Obama and McCain did not include to extend the deadline on oil drilling in the artic nor even rallied for this? I wish I could vote: “Start Over”.

  12. Chris says:

    Adan – Thank you for saying what I’ve been thinking (albeit in a much less cogent, eloquent manner).

    Now if you’re single… heh heh

  13. Clyo Beck says:

    Repeat something enough in an emotionally compelling way and people will believe it. The fact that human perception is malleable and subjective is a biological fact.

    Focusing on this biological truth, the G.O.P. poured billions into think tanks in order to perfect its messages and effectively target voters’ negative emotions.

    As media consolidation was accomplished, tens of thousands of media outlets repeated G.O.P. talking points with little or no opposing views to balance them. The result is that our nation, as a whole, has been deliberately and methodically moved to the political right. This includes the democratic party.

    Frankly, I don’t see that we have a real left wing in this country. We have only center, right and radical right. Look at what “left wing” means in other nations and you will see that we don’t have one.

    So the Democrats siding with Republicans on the bailout really should be no surprise to anyone.

    The G.O.P. moved the nation to the right by appealing to the worst in people – selfishness, fears and loathing – since this is almost always more effective than appealing to the best in people and promoting fearlessness.

    It always stokes specific and concrete fears: fear of taxes, fear of crime, fear of minorities competing for jobs, fear of women competing for jobs, fear of other nations, and fear of lawlessness. The G.O.P. has even managed to associate freedom of choice – free will which is God’s greatest gift to us – with “godlessness”.

    The icing on the cake has been how the G.O.P. has legitimized the argument that belief in God is incompatible with respect for science.

    What can progressives do?

    Take a page from the Republican play book.

    Invest in think tanks.

    Buy media outlets.

    Craft more effective messages that appeal to people’s better natures. Repeat messages of hope and possibility more than the opposition can repeat its repressive, depressing or dividing dirges.

    Yet don’t expect to undo forty years of concentrated effort with one bold stroke. This will not be a sprint, but multiple marathons.

    Bill Moyers believes the system is broken and cannot be fixed. We are, after all, a republic not a democracy.

    Our system was constructed so that the wealthy and well-educated would govern, not the common people. Today a person needs – at minimum – one million dollars to mount a campaign for a seat in the House of Representatives. Nearly all Congressional representatives are beholden to corporate lobbyists for re-election. Plus, in the last couple of decades voting district division has become surgical so that entire elections can be swung by very few votes.

    So Moyers may be correct.

    It’s clear to me that we need two major changes, neither of which is likely to be supported by the electorate using the old tools of logical argument and persuasion.

    Yet no one has figured out how to effectively convey the logic and value inherent in either one into an emotion-activating ten-second soundbite that can be replayed a million times to counteract the opposition’s soundbites that will certainly scream “tax hike!”

    1) Publicly fund all elections to eliminate the influence of big money and get Congress thinking and working instead of attending lunches and fund raising. This is the aim of the “Just 6 Dollars” campaign.

    2) Public schools must be equally funded instead of being dependent upon variable tax bases.

    The inequality in U.S. schools is based upon unequal funding. Unequal funding results in unequal education, poor success rates, drop outs and illiteracy.

    These failures, in turn, result in compelling arguments to further de-fund public schools and make it even more impossible to educate poor children.

    The G.O.P. goal, if anyone is unaware of it, is complete privatization and the death of public schools. This way it can turn back the clock so that to be poor once again means you never learn to read. Inability to read a ballot would be a convenient way for the G.O.P. to eliminate more poor voters.

    Meanwhile the potential of our citizens is squandered for lack of education and opportunity which, in turn, leads to poverty, low voter turn out and an inability to get better schools.

    Obama’s great gift is his ability to inspire people. He might be able to turn us around, should we give him a mandate.

    Yet each of us will need to take responsibility for electing better representatives and helping to reform government.

    Should we decide it’s too much work or too expensive, Obama will be just another president rather than a catalyst for real change.

    The result is that we will, likely, have an even more corrupt system a hundred years from now.

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