Desperate Struggle

I’m trying to have rational thoughts this morning, but before my brain was even all the way switched on, I saw the trailer for No More Heroes 2 – Desperate Struggle. So that pretty much nuked my ability to have a normal conversation with just about anyone (with a brief interlude to make sure that everyone else found the season premiere of South Park to be as lame and re-tread as I did). Unfortunately, the trailer is only available as an embedded file right now, and the damn thing is choppy as hell. But it’s No More Heroes 2. So we both know I don’t care.

Granted, No More Heroes wasn’t perfect – far from it. But there was so much that was fantastic in that game, and I have faith that Suda 51 can get a lot closer to his original vision than he was able to on the first pass. Hell, even Yahtzee liked No More Heroes in spite of its flaws. Enough to tell you to play it, anyway. So far, the trailer doesn’t give away much, and considering how much the final product differed from Suda 51’s original Heroes trailer, it’s awfully hard to make a serious prediction about the game.

Admittedly, my only fear is that the subtitle “Desperate Struggle” is a sly allusion to the fact that this will be a DS game. Not that it wouldn’t make a good DS game, as I can see a stylus interface working well here. But what made the original No More Heroes so engaging was the balance that Suda 51 created via the control scheme. It was a sword-based brawler that actually made clever use of the motion based Wii controls without causing a severe case of Wii Shoulder. It will be interesting to see if he embraces the Wii Motion Plus or if he retains the feel of the original game. Hopefully the amazing (and surprising) reception this game received from gamers will give Suda 51 a bigger budget to work with and grant the game more coverage as it is developed.

Either way, Travis is back, babies.

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